Carrick Castle Boat Club Muster 2015

Carrick Castle Boat Club Muster was held on Sunday 16th August 2015 a week after the proposed date of 9th August due to the postponement on that day because of the poor weather conditions.

The first boats arrived at 11.30 ready for the 12 noon start of the muster and barbecue on the beach. The weather was fine and settled with a light wind.  Two yachts anchored in Swine's Hole alongside another that was not a club member and its crew away walking somewhere in the hills. On the beach the two yacht's tenders were accompanied by two bigger dinghies, one with a tender and a member's party of five walked to Swine's Hole.

In all there were thirteen of us on the beach with our barbecues and a fire, collected from drift wood. We had a pleasant social get together enjoying our food and refreshments before heading home later in the afternoon -some by walking home, others by motoring and others by sailing. Our annual muster in good weather is always a good event and hopefully other club members in future will be tempted to come along too.

There are six more photographs in the Gallery in Boat Club Musters.