Face lift for Border Force cutters

New hull signage will make Border Force cutters more conspicuous 

Border Force cutter HMC Searcher departed Babcocks Shipyard in Scotland late November 2012 after undergoing essential inspection and vessel service.

The cutter in dry-dock for five weeks as part of a scheduled maintenance programme which saw the vessel receive its regular service.

The maintenance included a change to the hull signage that will make Border Force cutters more conspicuous to maritime partners and the boating community.

Cutters operate all year round, day and night in all weathers. The need for a service is largely driven by the duty to carry out preventative maintenance. Every part of the vessel has to be maintained and inspected to ensure sea-worthiness.

During this service, a complete check of all equipment, structures, testing and re-certification of all safety equipment is undertaken.

Doug McLellan head of maritime operations said: "The most important factor in servicing is the benefit it brings to securing the border. Taking care of the cutters means Border Force has a safe, effective and seaworthy fleet to detect and deter smuggling every day of the year, day and night. "

After the five-week service period, HMC Searcher returned to her duties round the coast of Scotland. Border Force’s remaining cutters HMC Valiant, HMC Vigilant, HMC Seeker and HMC Sentinel will undergo the same maintenance throughout 2013.