Letter to the Editor of 'The Wee Goil'.

  The two villages of Carrick Castle & Lochgoilhead alongside Loch Goil

I read with interest The Wee Goil for July 2012 and was not pleased to note that the Lochgoil Community Council had commissioned a new website for Lochgoilhead only as www.lochgoilhead.info. Surely the Lochgoil Community Council should be representing Carrick Castle as well as Lochgoilhead?

‘The Wee Goil’ represents both villages, the Lochgoil Directory, the same and both provide an excellent service to both communities.

The new website should also look after the interests of both villages and should be the Lochgoil Community Website and use the domain name www.lochgoil.org.uk, the old website that strangely enough is still live on the Internet.

Carrick Amenities is shown on the Village Council’s page of the new website although it should actually have been called the ‘Carrick Castle Amenities Association’ (This association is now defunct in 2013). The Carrick Castle Boat Club is not included in the mooring associations however.

Wouldn’t it be nice if the new website could be renamed, the domain name changed and have both Lochgoilhead and Carrick Castle included in Loch Goil?

Douglas Locke
10th July 2012

E-mail received from Iain MacInnes on 10th August 2012: -

From Iain MacInnes
To Douglas Locke
Dear Mr Locke,
as Convener of Lochgoil Community Council we thank you for the interest shown in the new community website.
In response to the point you raised in your letter to the Wee Goil, I can confirm that the top right banner on the website has now been changed from Lochgoilhead to Loch Goil.
I can also confirm that the title of the Carrick Amenities page has been changed to Carrick Castle Amenities Association.
You have clearly taken time to familiarise yourself with the layout of the new website. You will have noted that on nearly all pages there is contact information. There are invitations to contact the Community Council as well as the webmaster throughout the website. I would invite you to use any of these contact opportunities should you have any items you would like to bring to our attention.
This website is a positive step in providing up to date and relevant information to benefit the people of our community, as well as visitors. Anything you would like to contribute to enhance the information on offer would be welcomed
Yours sincerely,
Iain MacInnes
Community Council Chair
7 Invergoil
Lochgoilhead, Argyll
PA24 8AA