Sailing Clubs Survey Results

The Carrick Castle Boat Club completed the Sailing Clubs short survey by 'SailingClubSuccess' in order to see what some of the challenges other clubs are facing. Although we are not a sailing club as such we are a boating club and mooring association and it is always interesting to learn more...

The survey responses have been collated by them and here are the results:

82% of respondants cited Member Involvement/Activity as among their main challenges with the same number also citing Developing Club Facilities.

This was closely followed in popularity (if that's the right word!) by Attracting New Members which was mentioned by 70% of you.

Member Retention was also mentioned by 59%.

47% said Maintaining Fleet Standards was a challenge.

29% stated that finding additional revenue streams was challenging.

Paperwork and cost reduction both featured for 12% of you with 5% facing challenges collecting subscriptions from members.

Almost half of you mentioned other challenges not covered by the above categories. These included member disputes spilling onto social networks, clubs facing aging members and aging equipment and how to encourage members to take courses to maintain a good level of qualified members at the club.

When it came to describing your club's biggest challenge some common themes emerged - Attracting younger sailors to the club and keeping them involved was mentioned by several clubs as was getting members more interested in racing.

As for personal challenges, it seems that quite a few of you are 'stuck' in your roles with little interest from fellow members in either succeeding you or getting involved less formally in the running of the club.

We were delighted to find that as well as hearing from clubs based in the UK, we also received completed surveys from clubs overseas. UK clubs will perhaps be relieved to hear that the challenges you face seem to be common across the globe - it's just that some of your colleagues get to endure them in far better weather conditions :-)

When it came to the size of membership most clubs fell into the 201-500 members bracket and annual subscriptions were typically around £100. So it's no wonder that so many are strugging to develop club facilities when there is so little revenue coming into the club to start with!

So what's next for SailingClubSuccess following the survey? Well, we'll be putting together a series of articles looking at the biggest challenges you are all facing and making suggestions on how to tackle them. But we don't want this to be a one-way street, so if your club is finding ways to develop facilities or keep members involved, or is doing a great job of attracting younger members or getting everyone involved in race days, please do get in touch. we'd love to write some feature articles about clubs that are doing well as an inspiration to others around the country - and the world. And if we can help clubs to buddy up and support each other, then even better!